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TRU Group Due Diligence: Technical & Business

Technical Due Diligence + Business Due Diligence in Manufacturing Engineering + Production + Operations + Finance + Marketing + Management + Competitiveness

TRU Group Inc Manufacturing Consultants has an excellent comprehensive integrated capability in technical due diligence and business due diligence assessment typically required by an investor company acquiring or investing in others: corporations, holding companies, banks, venture capital firms, investment funds, other financial institutions, company directors, and investors engaged in M&A [Mergers & Acquisitions]. TRU Group has extensive due diligence experience working for America's largest corporations, investment banks and other investor entities..

Our integrated cross-functional techno-economic expertise in business assessment / valuation, manufacturing production, operations, engineering and advanced strategic analysis skills provides clients with a comprehensive capability for thorough independent expert due diligence. TRU Group specialization in technology-intensive manufacturing and industry adds further to our distinctiveness. We can undertake due diligence at any level or form to suit your needs and meet the strict deadlines accompanying investor activities -

TRU Group Industry ArbitratorsTypical TRU Group Technical Due Diligence with Business Due Diligence Outputs...

    • Comprehensive Detailed Due Diligence Investigation of Company or Project
    • Function-Specific Due Diligence - Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, Financial, Marketing
    • Technical Due Diligence Engineering Due Diligence for Production, Processes, Projects and Products
    • Operational Due diligence: Production Process Feasibility & Evaluation Due Diligence
    • Automation, Modernization, Upgrading and Productivity / efficiency Due Diligence
    • Independent Competitive Positioning Assessment
    • Secret Due Diligence Intelligence Assessment & Background Checking
    • Environmental, Contractual, Legal, Code, Compliance, Probing & Audit
    • Forensic Technical Investigations and Material Failure Analysis
    • Strategic Issues Identification and Analysis

TRU Group Industry Arbitrators Example Typical Tasks During TRU Group Due Diligence...

Due diligence testing by TRU GroupTRU Group Inc is totally independent and bankable adhering strictly to professional ethics & rules - our functional expertise runs deep thus facilitating TRU Group ability to uncover the real situation, calling it "what it is" in plain language and always stand our ground!* The firm has conducted due diligence for businesses and plants $10 million - $1.6 billion. Many assignments are in "next generation technology" space such as a due diligence of a Graphite-Graphene company for a top tier Wall Street investment bank or due diligence of a US 3-D Printing Additive Manufacturing for a European Conglomerate.. Not only have TRU Group core staff been engaged on multi-billion dollar due diligence but we also employ other distinguished world-renown technical experts as required to complement our teams. Engineering, Technical & Design Assessments at TRU Group is by American, Canadian or European designated Professional Engineers. TRU is a registered member of Professional Engineering Ontario Canada and "Qualified Persons" under stock market securities regulations.

TRU Group Industry Arbitrators Importantly in due diligence evaluations, TRU Group President, Edward Anderson FCIArb is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. and will provides oversight for your due diligence.

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